Welcome to sophilabs. We are excited to have you onboard. This section contains common references you might use during your apprenticeship process.

We want you to remember these three things during your training.

The Timeline

Please review the following timeline which is ordered chronologically from the first day up to your first client project. Your first month is invested in learning, after that you’ll meet with your DM to introduce your first project.

Final Words

We encourage you to propose changes to the apprentice process. We believe in a continuous improvement process and we are constantly trying to do a better job at it. As an apprentice, you have much better insight into what could make the process better for you than does someone who’s been working here for five years. Feedback is always appreciated. If you have feedback on the apprentice program, please discuss the issue with your mentor, or DM.

Note: This page is based on the great work done by Thoughtbot, available at their Github repository.

Your First Day

Office Tour

During your first day our Office Manager will take you for a tour of the building and the facilities, and be introduced to our team. Don’t worry too much if you can’t remember everybody’s name or what they do, most people understand and won’t be annoyed if you say something like: “I’m sorry I can’t quite remember your name” later on, in fact they expect it. Everyone in the office has been the newcomer at some point, so your teammates know that to get good work out of you and help you feel relaxed, they should be readily available to help you settle in and teach you the ropes. In any case, you can go to the sophilabs team page to help remember people faces.

Also, the first day you will be signing papers regarding your work agreement with sophilabs. Let the Office Manager or your Development Manager (DM) know if you have any special requests.

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