Foster continuous improvement within sophilabs by promoting a self-evaluating culture that thrives on welcoming and adapting to change. To do so, the Squad operates through basic quality tools (such as customized checklists), allowing each project a thorough process-alignment analysis against best practices for specific knowledge-domains like Security, Software Design, Methodologies, etc.

Checklists are built on top of a simplified “Objectives & Key Results” approach, where expected results align with best practices and are validated by specific questions. In consequence, deviated results are visible and suggested action plans can be assessed and implemented.

E.g.: “Does every team (and team member) subscribe to Agile management practices? - Assistance can be requested from the Agile Master to assess the team’s knowledge gaps and implement Agile awareness workshops”


Do you have a project Manifesto or README?

Include a file in your project to help to newcomers so they can start working without inconvenience. Take a look at Kick Off section to get a sample.

Security Checklist

Server Configuration

Identity and Access Management (IAM)