Hello, Sophilaber!

Here you will find information about how you and your teammates should work within our software consulting company as well as the tools and practices that guide us in creating quality software products.

This document is continuously being adapted and improved, and you are a key player in helping it evolve.

<aside> 📢 This document is an abridged combination of our Guidelines and our Manifesto and are meant to provide a quick overview. It can help you get a general idea of how Sophilabs works, but keep in mind that each department and unit has more extensive and specific documentation which can be found in the Manifesto.


<aside> 🥛 Updated: March 21st, 2022.


Values and Culture


We've learned from experience that working with people who share our values is the foundation of highly productive teams.

Work hard to realize your full potential.

Be a team player by helping others pursue their goals as if they were your own.

Aim high and continuously exceed customer expectations.

Love your craft: enjoy what you do, and spread your passion.


Our main objective is to be an outstanding creative team that is always focused on customer success. We offer benefits and have rules and guidelines designed to organize our workload in the fairest way possible. When necessary, we will simplify any policy that makes us diverge from our main goal.

Our consulting projects start with sales and go through the flow of product inception, design, development, shipping, monitoring, and iterating. Our goal is to do such a good job for our clients that they will want to poach us, but to provide such a great place to work that we can be confident our teammates won't leave.

We prefer creating roles that are necessary to our projects and company objectives over imposing a hierarchy of bosses and direct reports.

We avoid having private conversations about each other or clients. Instead, we use tools to talk such as Slack, Jira, and GitLab to communicate openly within a project, within Sophilabs, and publicly.

Sometimes we need to stay very focused to solve challenging problems, and we don't want any interruptions from our team. During these moments we wear headphones and listen to music.

Our standards are very high, and bringing on a new team member requires a "yes" from everyone who participated in the interview process. Therefore, we expect the best from each other, give each other the benefit of the doubt, and encourage each other to take the initiative to improve ourselves and the company.