In your first steps at Sophilabs you will be requested to implement a (Training Project) in the context of our Apprenticeship Program.

The next guidelines will provide you the best practices that we recommend.


We recommend developing the training project using Python / Django for the backend and React for the frontend.

You should read and apply the following guidelines:


Our recommendation is to use some of the databases we suggest in our Databases. For this project we strongly recommend using PostgreSQL.


In Sophilabs we take care of testing in each project we develop. We think that have unit and integration tests is important to prevent and debug annoying bugs.

For your training project we suggest you include some unit test in backend and frontend. Before implementing the test you should read the @.


Most of the projects developed in Sophilabs are hosted using containers through Docker. You should read our Containerization Guidelines if you want include containers in your training project.


If you have time and you want to improve the quality of the code you write you can include in your project some linters to ensure the quality of your code.

We recommend include the linters as pre-commit git hooks using gilp.